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Education And Training Can Make The Difference

Along with statutorily required training, employers recognize the value of establishing clear expectations with employees and building management skill and awareness through education. Some potential training sessions may include the following and we may recommend additional training tailored to your specific needs.


Sexual Harassment Training

Companies with 50 or more employees (including independent contractors, part-time employees, or temporary workers provided by staffing companies) are required to provide their managers with two hours of statutorily defined training on sexual harassment. Prudent employers train both managers and employees on preventing unlawful discrimination and harassment in the workplace. We have the “knowledge and expertise” the law requires for providing this training, along with years of experience that we apply to make the training practical and meaningful.


Understanding and Applying Wage and Hour Laws

Are your payroll practices clear, consistent and compliant with the law? Clear and legally-compliant shared expectations on time keeping, payment of wages, overtime, rest and meal periods and paid time off reduce payroll confusion and protect the company from liability. We train your employees to understand their legal and policy obligations, and to maintain sound pay and record keeping practices.


Responding to Requests for Leave

California employers may need to comply with multiple leave of absence laws. We reinforce your understanding of the sometimes complicated leave of absence laws, and train your workforce on how to understand when an employee may be entitled to leave, and the procedures for granting and managing a leave.


Managing Performance

This training reinforces best practices for managers on managing, disciplining, evaluating, supervising and, where necessary, terminating employees.


Investigating Complaints

Before investigating complaints internally, you should confirm that your investigative procedures are ensuring a thorough investigation, and that provides the maximum protection for the company. Schor Vogelzang & Chung can train you or your staff in conducting the investigation, documenting the information obtained, communicating the results and taking consistent and appropriate responsive action.


How to Interview

With this training on “dos and don’ts” employers will avoid asking inappropriate or unlawful questions, and better identify employees who are the right fit for your workplace.


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