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First, We Take The Time To Get To Know You

Through helping hundreds of companies worldwide (including our prior law firm, Baker & McKenzie) achieve their workplace vision and protect their interests, we understand that each workplace is different. We formed Schor Vogelzang & Chung to better partner with our clients to create legal solutions that make business sense, reflect their unique corporate culture and give them peace of mind. We provide counsel in the following principal areas:


Developing Your Workplace Strategy

We invest time up front to thoroughly understanding your vision, workforce, and immediate and long term goals. With these in mind, we partner with you to develop an individualized Great Workplace Strategy that will bring all the pieces together to help you build your great workplace. Your GWS will be more than a reflection of legal requirements; it will be tailored to your workplace. It may include immediate solutions or a recommendation for additional review of your current practices and next steps for reaching your goals. For more information on what a Great Workplace Strategy might entail, go to our Workplace Strategies page or follow the link by clicking here.


Partnering for Day-to-Day Counseling

Personnel matters arise from time to time - sometimes more often than you might like. We serve as a continuous resource, providing the peace of mind that comes from having the right pieces in place. For more information on day-to-day counseling visit our Day-To-Day Guidance page or click here.


Protecting Our Clients from Costly Wage and Hour Mistakes

California and federal laws on how and when to pay employees (and what to tell employees about their pay) may seem straightforward, but actually are complicated and full of risk, even for the most savvy employer. And what we know is that companies across the U.S., and particularly in California, are inundated with wage and hour claims. And unfortunately even the smallest of errors quickly can escalate into expensive litigation. Schor Vogelzang & Chung wants to protect our clients from this risk. In response to the astronomical increase in these claims, our Firm created a multi-pronged legal services program to address wage and hour practices holistically, from the beginning of the employment relationship to the end. Our experienced lawyers, who have both counseled and litigated these claims for decades:

  • Provide counseling to our clients on all day-to-day items regarding wage and hour to help them avoid expensive mistakes and understand the applicable laws;
  • Educate our clients (including all levels of company stakeholders, from line employees to management to board members) on compliance and correct day to day practices;
  • Audit existing practices to identify areas of risk, and to create compliance programs to reduce that risk;
  • Apply our deep and broad experience to defend against wage and hour class and collective lawsuits, as well as government enforcement actions, including claims for:
    • Missed meal and rest breaks
    • Off-the-Clock work
    • Inaccurate pay stubs
    • Failure to properly pay overtime (including overtime on a bonus or other additional compensation)
    • Unpaid minimum wages
    • Misclassification of exempt status
    • Independent contractor status
    • Equipment/uniform/business expense reimbursements
    • Reporting time pay
    • Standby/on-call time
    • Class action waivers in arbitration agreements
  • Litigate appeal issues in such cases.

For more information on day-to-day counseling visit our Defense of Wage and Hour page or click here.


Protecting the Company When Legal Action is Needed

Our years of representing our clients in litigation have provided a wealth of experience in defending and, where necessary to protect the company’s interests, bringing employment-related and commercial actions. We understand that representing a company well means not only applying the law; it means understanding from the start the company’s goals, hopes and expectations for the legal action. Together, we develop at the outset of any legal action a strategy that protects the company’s interests and captures its goals and expectations. Throughout the legal action, we partner to ensure that the strategy is continuing to protect the company and meet its goals. For more information on the types of matters on which we work, please visit our Litigation and Investigation pages.


Investigating Claims

Companies often have a legal obligation to investigate claims raised by their employees. Even where not legally required, through an independent investigation a company may avoid future legal action and protect itself in the event of future legal action. To learn more about the types of claims we investigate, please follow the link by clicking here.


Sexual Harassment Training

Companies with 50 or more employees (including independent contractors, part-time employees, or temporary workers provided by staffing companies) are required to provide their managers with two hours of statutorily defined training on sexual harassment. Prudent employers train both managers and employees on preventing unlawful discrimination and harassment in the workplace. We have the “knowledge and expertise” the law requires for providing this training, along with years of experience that we apply to make the training practical and meaningful. To learn more about educating your workplace visit our Workplace Education & Training page or click here.


Educating Your Workplace

Along with statutorily required training, employers recognize the value of establishing clear expectations with employees and building management skill and awareness through education. Some potential training sessions may include the following and we may recommend additional training tailored to your specific needs:

  • How to interview. With this training on “dos and don’ts” employers will avoid asking inappropriate or unlawful questions, and better identify employees who are the right fit for your workplace.
  • Responding to requests for leave. We reinforce your understanding of the sometimes complicated leave of absence laws, and train your workforce on how to understand when an employee may be entitled to leave, and the procedures for granting and managing a leave.
  • Managing performance. This training reinforces best practices for managers on managing, disciplining, evaluating, supervising and, where necessary, terminating employees.
To learn more about educating your workplace visit our Workplace Education & Training page or click here.

We Know Your Workplace is Unique

Perhaps the most important part of knowing how to help is knowing that your situation is unique and that you will have opportunities and challenges that can't be addressed with cookie cutter solutions. Let's take the time, together, to determine if we are the right fit for you and your company and if you are the type of client with whom we can do our best work. The first step is to schedule a short "Are We A Good Fit " phone conversation. Give us a call at 619.906.2400 or click here to email us. We look forward to getting to know you.


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