There are times you need to investigate what's wrong.



Having All The Pieces Together Can Make The Difference

Once you have all the right pieces put together, there are clear and consistent expectations for performance and conduct, and clear avenues for an employee to raise concerns if they believe an expectation is not met. A company’s response to a complaint can make a difference in the resolution of that complaint.


Before investigating complaints internally

Schor Vogelzang & Chung can train you or your staff in conducting the investigation, documenting the information obtained, communicating the results and taking consistent and appropriate responsive action. This will provide you with the peace of mind that you understand how to investigate the claim, how to respond to the employee, and how to protect the company from future complaints or litigation.


When to use an outside investigator

You may want to consider using an outside investigator if:

  • You are not comfortable conducting the investigation internally
  • A complaint alleges conduct by someone in Human Resources or the General Counsel’s office or someone who would conduct the investigation
  • The complaining employee raises a meaningful concern that an internal investigation will not be impartial
  • Are concerned that the complaint may result in litigation.

In these circumstances, your company may want to retain an outside investigator well-versed in the laws and policies implicated by the complaint. We apply our significant experience conducting investigations and our knowledge of employment law to promptly, impartially and thoroughly investigate claims on your behalf. We learn the facts, and help you create a plan for responding to the complaint in accordance with your unique workplace, your policies and the law.


For help with a current investigation or to learn more about what you need in place to protect you during future investigations, give us a call at 619.906.2400 or click here to email us.

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