Even great workplaces sometimes need defense



Even The Best Workplaces Need Protection

When your company has the right pieces in place, employees and the company have clear expectations for performance, and you have systems for correcting performance and, where necessary, for terminating employment. In the event an employee disagrees with the company’s actions, whether informally or through litigation, or the company needs to take legal action to protect itself from employee or former employee misconduct, the right policies and procedures also provide the company with a roadmap for litigation. For more information on protecting the company before litigation through clear expectations, click here.


Defending our Clients Against Wage and Hour Claims

California and federal wage and hour laws create a host of pitfalls for the unwary and well intentioned employer. We defend employers from claims for overtime, unpaid wages and unpaid meal periods in both single plaintiff and class action complaints. We also regularly advocate for our clients before the Employment Development Division in audits or other claims related to mischaracterization of exempt employees, and in front of the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement in defense of claims for unpaid wages.


Defending our Clients Against Wrongful Termination Claims

Today’s apparently innocuous complaint may result in tomorrow’s claim for retaliation/wrongful termination in violation of public policy. We vigorously represent our clients against such claims.


Defending our Clients Against Claims of Discrimination or Harassment

We defend our clients both in court and arbitration against employee claims of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation.   We also represent employers before the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


Protecting our Clients in Claims for Theft or Misuse of Company Secrets

Companies find themselves on both sides of the important issue of the protection of confidential and trade secret information. We defend our clients against claims from former employers that our clients are utilizing their trade secrets through their former employee. We also fight to protect our client’s critical assets - their trade secrets – through action against from former employees or business partners who wrongfully take and use the company’s crown jewels.

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