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COVID-19 and the Decisions You Need to Make This Week:
Are You Protecting Your Work Community from Litigation and Reducing Your Economic Hardship?


We've heard from so many of you, and we feel your overwhelm: there is so much to know about the law (especially as it changes) as you are making fast business decisions. We want to support you, so that your decisions are both economically sound and legally compliant.

Some of your decisions should be made before March 27, 2020!

We have created two ways to support you during the COVID-19 crisis:

  1. A March 26, 2020 Zoom Meeting on How To Protect Your Business During COVID-19; and/or

  2. Your COVID-19 Emergency Business Protection Program.

Support Option 1: Our March 26, 2020 How To Protect Your Business During COVID-19 Zoom Meeting, 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m., will include:

  • Learn how the COVID-19 leave laws immediately are impacting your business, so that you reduce the risk of litigation and the financial impact;

  • Ask your most concerning COVID-19-related questions in real-time, and learn from other employers' questions;

  • Learn all your options for changing employment structures to legally reduce your expenses in response to COVID-19, so you can make the right decisions for your work community;

  • Learn what you need to know on how to protect your employees and comply with safety requirements, while still running your business.

Because this is an interactive event, the number of participants is limited. Please register early by clicking here. Also, if you plan to join the Meeting, please forward us your most pressing questions in advance of the Meeting. You also will be able to ask questions in real-time, time permitting.

Support Option 2: COVID-19 Emergency Business Protection Program

We've been hearing from you:

  • How concerned you are about the economics of the situation;

  • How concerned you are about your employees;

  • How concerned you are that you are making good and legal decisions that could impact your business for years to come;

  • And you are concerned that employees may sue you if you make a mistake in making those decisions.

We want you to be protected from litigation as you make the best decisions for your work community.

With that in mind (and heart), we have developed Your Emergency Business Protection Program (EBPP).

What Your EBPP includes: For a period of one month from the date you join the EBPP, you will receive:

  • Your Emergency Bundle, which includes key documents you need (customized for your unique workplace) to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, so that you are legally protected and have what you need to make the best decisions, including:

    • A summary of the potential restructuring options you have and the consequences of those options;

    • Notices to employees consequent to those decisions;

    • Temporary remote work agreements;

    • Requests for leave forms;

    • Separation agreements;

    • Newly required or recommended policies for your handbook, among others.

  • A one hour "COVID-19 Emergency Jump-Start Counseling Call" to discuss your unique situation so that you peace of mind knowing you have the fundamental pieces in place to protect your work community;

  • Unlimited "Quick COVID-19 email communication" (as long as you aren't emailing us 24-7);

  • Unlimited "Quick Emergency COVID-19 calls." That is, any COVID-19-related question that we can answer in under 10 minutes.

The EBPP Program Fee. This is a flat fee program, $2,750.

We are limited to the number of people we can support in this Program. if you are interested in joining the EBPP, we will need to hear from you as soon as possible, and please let us know if you want to participate.

We are here for you, no matter what.

All our best to you and yours . . . And please stay safe, happy and hopeful.